Week six
The puppies continue to have new experiences almost on a daily basis.  They have had several more visitors including children, met more adult dogs, have taken a few short trips in the car and have had a great time playing outside, especially in the leaves.   They are an active, agile bunch that all like to tug, chase toys and have no hesitation on walking or leaping on strange things.  Their individual personalities are really beginning to show and a definite pecking order is beginning to be established in their little pack.
blue merle male 1
blue merle male 2
black tri male 1
black tri male 2
black tri male 3
blue merle female 1
blue merle female 2
A hard puppy life
Frisbees make good beds
Places to go....
Taking up a collection for better toys.
The best leaf on the place
Better toys??!!
It never hurts to "look" like you had no part in it