Week Three
The puppies have grown tremendously in the past week.  Their eyes and ears are open and they spend more time awake and try to play with each other and mom.  They have had a few visitors and now have toys in their pen.  A radio is on for a few hours each day in their room but luckily they don't seem to have a preference for a specific channel.
They have had their first meal in a dish and while they enjoyed it, it was not a pretty sight.  They may look a bit sticky in this weeks photos.
Blue merle male 1
Blue merle male 2
Black tri male 1
Black tri male 2
Black tri male 3-
he has a cowlick between his eyes that make him look like he is scowling, tho he is a very happy puppy
Blue merle female 1
Blue merle female 2
Black tri males
Blue merle males.
Blue merle females